AI based Chatbot


We provide your platform with the best chatbot out there


Give your brand a tool that is able to help visitors on every step, wherever they need it.  Integrate with all the social media channels and automate major portion of your work, with an effective solution by your side. Give your brand the right companion it needs.


This is where we are different, you can market your new launches via chatbots! Broadcast new release or an important info in an instant. Let people know what you work on and how your brand can help them. Hence, advertise on your terms.


User experience matters a lot and to get an insight into the ways to make it even better, integrate. Customize the experience for every single user based on their navigations and interests. Train the bot and relax, it will take care of visitors as you want and as you would.

Live Interaction

We agree, nothing can beat the human contact:) We also provide live chat to engage with your visitors if they choose to. If people want to chat, to know beyond what has been put up, this is the key. And it's easy to do so. Representatives will be informed ASAP and it's smooth.

Key Features:

  • 100+ integrations with platforms like Slack, Hubspot, Websites, Social Media etc.

  • Integrations with CRMs, HRMS, ATS and much more.

  • Live training of chatbot.

  • There is no requirement of additional setup.

  • Entirely Cloud based.

  • No redirection to initiate chat.

  • You get NLP, RPA at no extra cost.

  • Email verification, Payment option.

  • Easy to use and implement.

  • Over 99.7% uptime.

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Some Interesting Stats


Visitors always interact with chatbots deployed on the website


Of consumers prefer to shop on platforms that has chatbots and live chat


Of companies are looking to implement chatbots by 2022


Of visitors believe it is too difficult to get answers to simple questions.

Some Unique Integrations...

Business Meeting

For hiring process

Answer all the questions that candidates might have. It is widely observed that people are reluctant in asking such questions up front when they are in a process of getting hired. This is the best way to show that the company is not offended by questions but on the other hand your company welcomes such questions. Have a well constructed way in delivering answers and monitor the progress of people utilizing this solution. The analytics can be tremendously helpful in determining the right workflow.

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How it all works?

We have tried to make it all simple and we continue to work on this. Like what you are looking at?


Get in touch with us if you're interested in our products along with the details to get back to you instantly.


We discuss with you the integrations which you would prefer and which will add value.


We can also provide a team that will continue to work with you and train the bot in real time.


We take a look at your platform, to give a good idea about what will be best for your business.


A team will be assigned to the implementation, and they will work with you.


We can also enable our clients, to train and mange the bot, if they want to handle it themselves.