Low Code CRM & BPM

We provide your business with customized Low Code Solutions


We facilitate your business in acquiring a solution that is not just a right fit but the exact fit. We build the solution for you, taking into consideration all your requirements. Develop personalized portals for partners, customers and even for self-service. In short, a custom portal solution.


This is where we are different, you can create a custom segment to handle new leads and deploy customer related data at all touchpoints. From lead qualification, to lead engagement till conversion, fabricate your own CRM that suits your team.


Develop your own sales management platform to accelerate your workflow. Above that, we enable you to automate all types of sales, for any organization. Create sales channel, customer profile, lead analytics, the way you like. You can have sales performance review  and much more.

customer service

This custom built portal enables businesses to engage with their clients in a holistic way. This can boost contact center efficiency. We help you to deploy action driven UX and AI tools to provide best user experience to clients with omnichannel services.

Key Features:

  • Integrate with any organization's digital ecosystem with extensive integration capabilities.

  • Build UI, Business Logic, all customized to meet your needs.

  • Efficient handling and deployment.

  • There is Cloud based solution as well as on-premise setup.

  • Low code enables non IT staff to build and deploy apps they need.

  • Scalable at all levels, extendable platform.

  • Enable Process automation with AI.

  • Visual Modeling Tools.

  • Drag and Drop Interface.

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Some Interesting Stats


Of custom apps are now built outside IT department and this percentage is subjected to grow consistently.


Of businesses, by 2024, will be using low code to build and deploy applications in the workflow


Of applications developed in 2024 is expected to be done on low code. 


Of developers [in 2020] are using low code platforms to build and fabricate applications

Some Unique Deployments...

Business Meeting

Custom BPM

Business Process Management Tools are crucial part of any workflow. There are a lot of solutions out there, but with low code, your team can build their own BPM and operate seamlessly. With out of box visualization and functionalities bundled with drag and drop interface, your app will be up and running in no time. With the help of OOTB functionalities, several functions can be  reused to develop different solutions more quickly. All this comes with cross platform accessibility and compatibility.

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How it all works?

We have tried to make it all simple and we continue to work on this. Like what you are looking at?


Get in touch with us if you're interested in our products along with the details to get back to you instantly.


We discuss with you the integrations which you would prefer and which will add value.


We can also provide a team that will continue to work with you and assist in development


We take a look at your platform, to give a good idea about what will be best for your business.


A team will be assigned to the implementation, and they will work with you.


We can also enable our clients, to develop the platform, if they want to handle it themselves. We'll assist in all steps.